Where Did Local News Go?

Reporting the news can be a bit of a challenge. Recently, I watched a report on our local news about goose poop being a problem at a park in Massachusetts, a cute story about a kindergarten teacher in the Midwest, and I can’t even remember the third story.

Even though these stories made an OK filler for a 30-minute slow news broadcast, I can’t help but wonder what happened to local news. How about the goose poop at Drake Park in Bend, and there has to be something a teacher, somewhere in Lane County, did that was noteworthy. I read yesterday that we still have ferries working on the Willamette River. I would love to see one and see how they work. My grandson is getting ready for his fifth grade graduation; I bet the teachers have some interesting information on the end of the school year. Is there any summer school this year or lunches at the parks? What is the current status of the Emeralds’ plan for a new ballpark? 

We have a lot happening in Lane County and Oregon. We should fill up delightfully slow news days with local news. Since we no longer have a daily newspaper it would be nice for daily news programs to be more local.

Maureen McClain

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