Abusing Democracy

I don’t need space here to defend Oregon State Rep. Paul Holvey (District 8). His record as a fighter for working people and defender of the natural environment speaks for itself. He has been re-elected multiple times with more than 80 percent of the vote.

Instead, I have a question: Why a recall now and not a challenge in the next election? I have heard no charges of malfeasance or the kinds of behavior for which the recall exists. I find only that a couple people who claim to represent a union disagree with Holvey’s legislative actions. 

It appears that the people behind the recall understand a basic fact: If everyone votes in a regular election, it won’t even be close. So they have resorted to a recall, forcing an extra vote in a non-election year, in the dog days of August. So what is this recall really about? Why do people who do not live in Holvey’s district feel they can shower their money in our neighborhoods and subvert our vote from the last election? 

The question on this recall attempt is not about the record of a state representative. The question is this: Do you agree that democracy should be abused? 

Steve McQuiddy