Bring The Ems To The Fairgrounds

I am writing in support of bringing the Ems to Lane County Fairgrounds.

I find it impossible to believe that the finances for this project cannot be found. The longer this decision gets put off, the more expensive the project becomes. The Fairgrounds is an underutilized space that has great potential with the Ems. Their plan includes a facility that will provide year-round opportunities as well as a hotel and other amenities, without disturbing the existing landscape. 

People who are already complaining about traffic and noise should have considered those things when they moved to the heart of a city. I did not buy a house 10 blocks from downtown Eugene to live in a sleepy suburb. This county used to be a vibrant place to live with weekly happenings that brought people out of their houses and together as a community. Here are some things that we no longer have: Eugene Celebration, Reggae on the River, Willamette Valley Folk Festival, Art and the Vineyard, local parades, Fourth of July fireworks.

It is unconscionable that money can continually be found and the taxpayers can continually pay more taxes to support people that don’t want to participate in society at any level, but you cannot find the wherewithal to support a project that can be enjoyed by young and old, and is a longstanding supporter of the community at large, is a family-friendly national pastime and will only serve to improve and uplift the surrounding area.

Do the right thing here. 

Liz Treacy

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