Reject The Anti-Government Walker

Eugene is a bastion of progressive politics — from housing, to climate action, to worker protections — and Eugeneans overwhelmingly support policies to build a better, more equitable future for our community and our city. These politics don’t just stop at issues, either. In the 2016 primary, Eugene voters came out in droves to support progressive champion Bernie Sanders and resoundingly supported Democrats Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in the last two general elections.

For conservatives running for nonpartisan elected city offices, this poses a stark challenge, one they can only possibly overcome by misleading the public about their political views. Take, for example, Ward 7 City Council candidate Barbie Walker, literally a registered member of the extremist Libertarian party, who is working to convince Eugene voters that she is a pro-business Democrat.

Thankfully, beyond just being progressive, Eugene residents are also intelligent. All it takes is a simple Google search to know that Walker’s extreme anti-government politics have no place in our (theoretical) city hall. And in that same search, residents will likely find that Walker’s opponent, interim City Councilor Lyndsie Leech, is thoughtful, energetic and eminently qualified for the job with strong progressive bonafides.

The choice is clear: Voters must reject Libertarian Walker this fall, and do so with large enough numbers to send a message that conservatives have no place representing Ward 7 or our city. We deserve a strong, honest and progressive voice to stand up for working people, our climate and our future.

Ryan Moore

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