No Plausible Reason To Remove Holvey

Please pass on my thanks to Eliza Aronson for her very informative and well-researched article about the Paul Holvey recall effort (“The Unusual Push to Remove Paul Holvey,” July 27). She’s probably as perplexed as I am about why this is a thing. Holvey seems to have bent over backwards to facilitate UFCW 555’s legislative initiative, yet its failure is being laid at Holvey’s feet. I can’t help but feel that there is something under the surface driving these events, because the public record leaves no plausible reason for Holvey’s recall. Perhaps this recall effort is an attempt by Michael Selvaggio to short-circuit facing the electorate in the 2024 primary? The lack of any legitimate reason to recall Holvey is, as I see it, indicative of some sort of personality clash. Who can say but the parties involved, and Selvaggio strikes me as being less than candid.

Gary Frazier

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