Lying Petition Gatherers Should Be Recalled

Today outside The Kiva grocery, I encountered a person collecting signatures for a ballot initiative. I like to do my civic duty, so I asked what initiative it was. He said, “Support grocery workers to receive hazard pay for working during the pandemic.” This sounded good to me, so I asked for the clipboard. At the top it said, “Recall Paul Holvey.” What?

I refused to sign. I do not want to spend at least $65,000 of taxpayer money to hold a special election in which a minority of voters will respond, allowing a small number of people to replace an official who was elected during a larger-turnout election. I may not always like what Paul Holvey does, but I do believe in democracy.

If you are gathering signatures to recall Paul Holvey, please don’t trick people into signing by calling it something else. I am offended that you would lie to get closer to your political aims.

If you are signing ballot initiatives, please don’t take the signature-gatherer’s word for it. Look at the top of the paper and read what you are signing.

Kara Huntermoon

Editor’s note: We have received numerous letters about the proposed recall of Rep. Holvey. The majority of writers support Holvey and are opposed to the recall. You can read them online at