Vote ‘No’ On Local 555’S Tantrum

The recall effort against state Rep. Paul Holvey is political stupidity on steroids. I implore the voters of his district to vote “no” and to firmly reject this attempt to insist that governing by tantrum is acceptable in our state.

I served with Holvey in the Oregon House of Representatives for 12 years (2005-2017), and I can attest that there is no elected official in our state who has done more for working families than Holvey. Look at everything from increasing the minimum wage to paid family leave to workplace protections, and you will see Holvey’s leadership and effectiveness.

Now we have petulant and incompetent leadership of a once-great union wasting their members’ resources to try to recall one of the best champions labor has ever had in our state because they haven’t got 100 percent of everything they’ve wanted 100 percent of the time. No other union is joining this effort. They know how absurd and counterproductive it is.

This recall is representative of the worst of politics in our state and our country. Please take the few minutes necessary to vote “no.”

Peter Buckley

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