Risque Rap Star, CupcakKe in Eugene

Known for her raunchy lyrics and queer anthems, CupcakKe is on deck to play WOW Hall for the first time this Friday, Sept 22.

Chicago rapper CupcakKe is bringing her unique brand of sexually charged lyrics to the WOW Hall stage this Friday, Sept. 22. After going viral in 2016 for her brash lyricism on her song “Deepthroat,” CupcakKe has taken her online success and turned it into an international touring act. CupcakKe, also known as Elizabeth Eden Harris, began her career by writing religious-themed poetry and performing in churches in her early teenage years. Soon after, Harris discovered rap music and began experimenting with writing more explicit lyrics and uploading them as songs to YouTube. Among “Deepthroat”’s mildest lyrics are, “Mouth wide open, mouth wide open/ Mouth wide open like I was at the dentist.” In addition to putting out six rap albums from 2016 to 2018, CupcakKe has also gained notoriety for her tracks with pop artist Charli XCX. CupcakKe’s discography explores sexuality with explicit and humorous lyrics that attract a loyal queer fanbase. She doesn’t shy away from showing support to issues she cares about with songs that deal with racial inequities, “Picking Cotton,” and music that uplifts her queer fans, “LGBT.” Her latest singles, “Lizzo Shemix” and “HDBG Shemix,” show her talent for writing clever and raunchy rap songs is just as present as it was eight years ago. CupcakKe writes on her touring page, “Writing is… my friend. It’s family. I know it’s just words, but it’s something close to me. That’s how I look at it.”

CupcakKe is 7 pm Friday, Sept. 22, at WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th Avenue. Tickets are $27.50 in advance and $32.50 day of show. For more information visit