Eugene Weekly readers write to support carbon cashbacks, world peace and universal health care


People living in the Eugene area can expect to breathe smoke from wildfires that are made worse by global warming. I heard a scientist say that as the planet gets warmer, the disasters will become more severe.

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby is supporting the Energy Innovation Act (HR 5744), which would put a price on carbon pollution. Lower-income people would get the protection of a carbon cashback or rebate. Price signals would cause a shift in the behavior of even people who do not believe in human-caused global warming.

Please contact U.S. Rep. Val Hoyle and ask her to support H.R. 5744. Her office number is 202-225-6416.

Milton Takei



As a 94-year-old resident and retired RN, I am sad to see the muddle of violence, fear, greed and division that we humans have created. I recently enrolled in a forum on peace-making and a class on unity between faith and science. I hear about many gatherings of folks working to find ways to make our neighborhoods, schools, churches and country safer, healthier and happier. Science tells us that we are related and together can continue to meet the immediate needs of the homeless and hungry; however, I have chosen to put my heart and resources into the long range goals of saving our planet and health care for everyone.

Thus, with compassion and humility, I am proud to support my United Methodist Church faith community, my neighborhood caring for each other and Health Care for All Oregon, where we learn that the U.S. spends twice as much for health needs of each person as do all other developed countries, yet scores low on having positive health results. 

I remain hopeful, not despairing, that together we will listen, learn and act to bring peace, harmony and hope back into all lives and our planet home.

Shirley Kingsbury