Stephen Vasquez (singing) and Betsy Tanenbaum (accordion) featured on "The Blarney Stone".Photo by Finn Turnbull of Fonald Photography.

HalloWEEN Rock & Roll

Brown Stallion will perform covers of Ween songs, and Blotter Boyz makes its debut at this Halloween-themed event

Eugene, get ready for a night full of electric rock with this HalloWEEN Party featuring Brown Stallion and the Blotter Boyz opening in its debut performance at Whirled Pies Oct. 28. Out of Portland and Eugene, Brown Stallion occupies the quirky niche of being a Ween tribute band. Formed in the ’80s, Ween was a popular alternative rock band drawing inspiration from funk, soul, country, heavy metal, punk rock and more. Then in the ’90s, Ween released several albums, including Pure Guava, Chocolate & Cheese, and 12 Golden Country Greats. Brown Stallion has learned around 120 Ween songs. “Pink Eye (On My Leg)” and “Dr. Rock” are some favorites to cover, says Adam Corkery, one of the five Brown Stallion band members. Not only does the band love Ween, but it also has a love of all things brown. Wyatt Unger, bass player, says their use of brown can be described as “artistically disheveled” as a figure of speech. It’s “a love of all acceptance. It’s OK to be rough around the edges,” Corkery adds. Opening the show, Blotter Boyz will perform as a new and original rock band made up of members from Brown Stallion. “It’s really exciting because we’re throwing some original music in the mix that definitely has a similar Ween-infused vibe to it,” Corkery says. When you’re getting ready to rock and roll, don’t forget to put on your best costume for all of your Halloweekend shenanigans and be on the lookout for Wizard of Oz characters on stage.

HalloWEEN Party with Brown Stallion and Blotter Boyz is 8 pm Oct. 28 at Whirled Pies, 199 W. 8th Ave. Tickets in advance are $15 at and $18 day of show.