Onry Ozzborn

‘Acquired Taste’

From rap to bluegrass and dubstep, these artists will have you dancing all night long

Down at The Big Dirty, Onry Ozzborn with Torbjørn and special guest Pink Navel take the stage Nov. 4. “If you’re into an acquired taste that has been dipped in the Golden Age of Hip Hop only to be baked in the oven of electroid gloss, & simmered thus tamed within the likes of alternative, dark, pop, murmur, bluegrass, then you will fully enjoy what Onry Ozzborn has to offer you at any given time,” The Big Dirty website says of the upcoming show. While on the Samantha Mountain Tour, these artists travel from Las Vegas to Seattle with a pitstop in Eugene. Some of Ozzborn’s top songs on Apple Music include “Abscessed,” “Nineteen,” featuring Aesop Rock, and “Not Really,” featuring Rob Sonic. “I’m influenced by a number of things. I grew up on heavy metal music, old country music, Spanish music, rap music,” Ozzborn says, “so I guess it kind of created my style moving forward.” Torbjørn just released the dubstep single “Home Team” last Friday, Oct. 27, and “Sleeveless Warriors, Vol. 3” reached No. 1 on the Beatport Dubstep/140 charts in September. Finally, Pink Navel takes rap to another level with the combination of cadence from cartoons and lyrics on gender identity and mental health. “How To Capture Playful” is Pink Navel’s most recent hip-hop and pop album. Audience members should expect “a really solid show of old and brand new stuff,” Ozzborn says. “I have a new album coming out on Nov. 6, so I’ll be doing some of those songs along with a few numbers from all the albums I’ve put out over the years.”

Onry Ozzborn, Torbjørn and Pink Navel perform 9 pm Nov. 4 at The Big Dirty, 844 Olive St. Tickets are $10 in advance at TheBigDirty.live and $12 at the door.

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