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Give Guide

If in doubt, help others out

As the Winter Solstice brings light to the world, here’s your chance to bring light to others by contributing to local nonprofits. 

Eugene Weekly

1251 Lincoln Street, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-484-0519.

“From KLCC to The Register-Guard to the little red boxes of Eugene Weekly, the community needs news sources. Whether it’s a subscription to a daily paper, a contribution to public radio or supporting EW’s efforts to put out a paper for the past 40 or so years, support your local news source.” — Camilla Mortensen, Eugene Weekly editor 

Helping those in need

Burrito Brigade

541-556-5051 or 541-632-3239, info@burritobrigade.

“I have watched them grow from some Whiteaker folks making vegan burritos for the unhoused in 2013 into a group making 500 to 700 burritos every weekend, establishing 55 free little pantries hosted in neighborhoods across Eugene-Springfield and running a free grocery store stocked with rescued and donated food serving 1,200 families per month.” — Chris Calise, volunteer


Community Supported Shelters

1160 Grant Street, Eugene, OR 97402. 541-683-0836.

“I believe in CSS because they do so much that helps the unhoused obtain housing, jobs, food and whatever other support they need.” — Devin Sharp, volunteer


Lane County Diaper Bank

5729 Main Street #176, Springfield, OR 97478. 541-221-0824.

“Lane County Diaper Bank gives back to the most vulnerable demographic. The only way to improve our society’s future is to pour as many resources as we can into our youths. Here at the Diaper Bank we make this our mission every day.” — Melody Pittman, volunteer


Ophelia’s Place

1577 Pearl Street, Suite 100, Eugene, OR 97401; 1497 Kalmia Street, Junction City, OR 97448; 104 SE 4th Avenue, Albany, OR 97321. 541-284-4333.

“My 5th grader’s school counselor highly recommended Ophelia’s Place to us. I’ve benefited tremendously from their parenting workshops and family counseling. My daughter loves the after-school program and camps for the diverse and welcoming atmosphere. She’s learned helpful coping strategies in counseling: once grumpy and anxious, she’s regained her joy.”  — Shanna Gazley, Ophelia’s Place parent

PrayBig! Food Pantry

4110 N. River Road, Eugene, OR 97404. 541-689-4010.

“Once a month the pantry is open to everyone to fill a box of food and clothing. Although a project for 11 years at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, it is a non-denominational project open to all. The pantry has zero administrative costs with total staffing of volunteers.” — Mike Fassel, volunteer



499 W. 4th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-686-1262.

“During a time of immense need, ShelterCare has the experience, expertise and local involvement with the community that allows it to make an impact. Their wide-reaching services do an amazing job of tailoring themselves to the disparate housing and behavioral health assistance that members of our community need.” — Jesse Elconin, ShelterCare board member, co-founder & principal broker of Duo Property Group


Whiteaker Community Council

PO Box 11692, Eugene, OR 97440.

“City of Eugene Emergency Management understands the need for community emergency preparedness education. WCC efforts increase capacity for vulnerable populations to prepare for, respond to and recover from crises. Without support of community leaders like WCC, it’s nearly impossible to prepare each neighborhood for emergencies our community can expect.”  — Sierra Anderson, city of Eugene emergency manager


Parker Learning Gardens

31239 Lanes Turn Road, Eugene, OR 97408.

“Parker Learning Gardens provides a vital opportunity for children from toddlers through high school to connect with nature and where food comes from. The organization fosters a sense of wonder and a love of science while instilling in them the value of community. It’s a worthy cause for any nature-lover to support.” — Hope Zima, volunteer 

SMART Reading

PO Box 1378, Springfield, OR 97477. 541-600-8035.

“I have worked closely with the SMART Reading Program in three of our elementary schools. I have personally witnessed SMART readers make connections with students over the love of books every week. The dedication of the SMART volunteers goes way beyond reading to individuals or classes of students.” — Carissa Boyce, Title 1 coordinator, Eugene School District 4J



Beyond Toxics

120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd., Ste #280, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-465-8860.

“Beyond Toxics made a program available to get us (Bethel residents) free air purifiers. It was nice to see an immediate impact. You can really sense the unity and passion they bring into their work.”

—  Kyle Meyer, west Eugene resident facing soil remediation due to dioxin contamination from J.H. Baxter Co.


Cascadia Wildlands

PO Box 10455, Eugene, OR 97440. 541-434-1463.

“Cascadia Wildlands works overtime to keep our precious waters safeguarded, big trees standing and unique species persisting in our special region. These are important values for Ninkasi, and we hope you can join us in supporting this outstanding organization.” — Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge, Ninkasi Brewing Company co-founders


Better Eugene-Springfield Transportation (BEST)

PO Box 773, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-343-5201.

“I have admired BEST’s efforts to share information about city and regional plans that affect everyone’s transportation needs in the community. It’s clear BEST seeks all possible information and then interprets and publishes their findings with highlights and careful opinions. We need their voice, along with everyone’s individual contribution.” — Steve Bade

Breach Collective

PO Box 5291, Eugene, OR 97405. 541-632-4044‬.

“Breach has brought policy and technical expertise to critical questions facing our community to address climate change and the transition to clean renewable electricity. As a nonprofit executive director myself, I have been impressed by their collective passion, efficiency and ability to work collaboratively to effect change.” — Lyndsie Leech, executive director of WellMama and Eugene city councilor

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

1412 Pearl St., Eugene, OR 97401. 541-687-8454,

“ELAW is a lifeline for grassroots advocates around the world.” — Eduardo Mosqueda, ELAW partner, Mexico

Friends of Family Farmers

PO Box 751, Junction City, OR 97448. 503-581-7124.

“FoFF truly supports small farms. The opportunities to meet other farmers, get to know other players making decisions that affect our farm and get on the ground mentorship as a young farmer and young business are really nice to have. I am very pleased that FoFF is in my corner.”  — Kait Crowley, owner/operator of PK Pastures 


ToolBox Project

2235 Adams Street, Eugene OR 97405. 541-838-0125.

“As a ToolBox Project member I have access to over 1500 tools for my home gardening and carpentry projects. I can reserve tools online, and the staff are always helpful.” — Rich Klopfer, ToolBox volunteer & member 

Health and Wellbeing 

Shift Community Cycles

811 W. 6th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402. 541-728-2453.

“Shift Community Cycles is the only nonprofit community bike shop providing bicycle access and education to underserved communities in the Eugene-Springfield area. By purchasing a bike or donating your time or money, you remove barriers and empower more individuals to join the cycling world while building community resilience.” — Lori J. Bumgardner

The Eugene Family YMCA

600 E. 24th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97405. 541-686-9622.

“The Eugene Family YMCA is community centered whose staff are welcoming to all. It would take pages to enumerate all the opportunities besides fitness that the Y offers to our community: pre-school, childcare, special programs for people with medical issues and scholarships for low income folks being only a few.” — Lia Davis, Y member and volunteer

Pets and Animals


Blue Barn Farm and Sanctuary

33705 E. Harvey Lane, Creswell, OR 97426. 847-682-2286.

“My dear friend Melissa chose to leave her profession as a therapist to focus on her dream, with her husband, of starting an animal sanctuary. They started from the ground up, with kindness, empathy and compassion towards animals being their goal, with a vision of expanding.” — Emily Mosteller, school counselor


Community Veterinary Center 

470 Hwy 99N, Eugene, OR 97402. 541-636-3244.

“CVC offers affordable comprehensive veterinary care adjusted to meet my income. For me, my Yorkie-Poo is simply everything. Daisy was diagnosed with luxating patella and needed both knees replaced. I received an estimate of $14,000. I talked with the Community Veterinary Center and, taking into account my income, Daisy had both knees replaced for $2,400. CVC makes me feel heard and respected.” — Heather Ford, Daisy’s human


Greenhill Humane Society

88530 Green Hill Road, Eugene, OR 97402. 541-689-1503.

“I’m awed by the work Greenhill Humane Society’s staffers and volunteers do for our community. In addition to finding homes for animals, they step up during natural disasters, work to resolve emergency situations such as hoarding and abuse, and connect people in crisis to other resources. Such a vital organization!” — Leigh Anne Jasheway, Greenhill volunteer



PO Box 1823, Eugene, OR 97440. 541-799-0441.

“For our unhoused neighbors, pets provide love, security and a sense of purpose. If you have a pet companion you cherish, please consider honoring that relationship by supporting Pro-Bone-O in their mission to provide free veterinary care, food, and supplies for the pets of people experiencing homelessness in Lane County.” — Amanda Donofrio, supporter


Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary 

82940 Hurlburt Lane, Creswell, OR 97426. 541-870-9952.

“At Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary, previously abused and neglected farm animals have a loving forever home. Visitors can meet the animals with their unique personalities and learn their stories. Thus, the rescued animals heal and transform the lives of people who hear their messages of hope and compassion.” — Nicole Jendro, supporter


28992 Summerville Road, Eugene, OR 97405. 541-515-8295.

 “Niles Mittasch moved back to Eugene specifically to create/launch Back2Youth from his hometown, the very town/commUNITY that had elevated and embraced him while he was growing up. Back2Youth is his way to give back that upliftment and carry it forward through sharing his love of the outdoors, as well as, teaching about mindfulness, self care and resiliency, so today’s youth would have foundational skills that would last them a lifetime and remind them just how valuable and powerful they are.”  —  Kellee Ratzlaff, graphic designer 

Arts and Culture


174 E. 16th Ave., Suite 141, Eugene, OR 97408. 458-221-7330.

“#instaballet puts audiences on equal footing with dancers. Audience members co-create with each other and professional dancers by suggesting movements that become new dance works. The company promotes new pathways to access dance through educational outreach and cooperation with other art groups. Performances — including Friday summer art walks — are free.”— Lee Black, retired journalism professor

Lane Arts Council

174 E. 16th Avenue, Suite 125, Eugene, OR 97405. 541-485-2278.

“I support Lane Arts Council for all they do to beautify our community and our children’s minds!” — Raquel Hecht, immigration lawyer with Hecht & Norman Immigration

The Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House

303 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-484-0808.

“The Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House is a unique Victorian house museum overlooking downtown Eugene. Open to visitors regularly, the museum hosts tea parties, performances and exhibits that showcase the incredible history of Lane County and the house itself. Volunteer docents and a dedicated staff make this house feel warm and welcoming.’ — Jessica Ruth Baker, development director of OSLP and local theater artist

Helping Society

Kind Tree Productions

(aka KindTree – Autism Rocks)

PO Box 40847, Eugene, OR 97404. 541-780-6950.

“I took one boy to camp, and I brought a completely different boy home. KindTree literally gave me back my son by providing him with friends, community, acceptance and later his first job. Now in his early 20s, he is a kind and thoughtful adult, with an amazing sense of humor.” — Laurie Erickson, a guest at KindTree’s Friends and Family Camp

Oregon Supported Living Program

412 Pearl Street, Eugene, OR 97401. 541-343-4196.

“OSLP is a fantastic organization here in Eugene/Springfield that helps individuals living with disabilities live full and enriched lives in our community. From their residential living homes, to their arts & culture programs, OSLP ensures that everyone is happy, healthy, and empowered to meet their full potential.” — Leah Murray, executive director at SMJ House

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