Grrl Band

Old Nick’s Pub hosted Grrl Band at Old Nick’s Pub to help raise money for  Eugene Weekly.

The self proclaimed scream queens of Eugene took the stage at Old Nick’s Pub on Friday, Jan. 12 to help raise money for Eugene Weekly

The ever-popular five-piece band are all students at the University of Oregon and have been active in the local music scene since fall 2022. Drawing influence from bands such as the Pixies and Heart, and artists like Neil Young, Grrl Band has become a staple in Eugene. 

Members Codi Farmer (bass) and Kayla Krueger (guitar) are students in the UO’s journalism school, and they are joined by Claudia Santino (lead vocalist), Louise Jones (drums) and Camy Corcoran (guitar).

Grrl Band’s next show will be WOW Hall’s Sweetheart Dance Feb. 16 alongside Bowlpeace, Mothra, Growing Pains and Jakki & the Pink Smudge.