UO workers, shelters for the unhoused, the Ems and more in letters


Eugene would not be the same without University of Oregon, and UO could not function without its classified staff. They are working class people who serve thousands of students and university staff.

As a local and statewide leader in higher education, and a union member, I urge our community to support UO workers, who are currently bargaining a new contract. Workers are asking for a fair contract, respect and wages that enable them to support their families.

University workers are picketing at UO on Feb.8, and I ask you to take a few minutes from your day and show solidarity by attending. If you are unable to make it, there is a petition to sign to show your support.

As a community, we are not new to helping each other. We helped our community members after the recent ice storms, after the Holiday Farm fire, and even during the pandemic. Now let’s support our community members who barely can afford to live in the community they serve.

Petition to sign.

Austin Folnagy



We need shelters and treatment facilities for our growing homeless population here in Eugene. Historically, Eugene residents vote in favor of ballot measures for local option levies.

A property tax increase of $1.56 per $1,000 of assessed property value would raise $32 million over five years.

A typical Eugene property owner would see a yearly increase in taxes of $400 per year over the five-year period of the levy.

I think Eugene is an empathetic community. We need to start putting our money where our mouth is.

Brett Moser



If Regal Theaters wants to build a new theater complex, will Lane County give them the fairgrounds land to build on and $35 million in funding? Both facilities provide entertainment and jobs. If not, then why is this what’s happening for the Emerald’s baseball team owners?  

After lining up free land and local subsidies, the owners of both the Eugene Emeralds and the Hillsboro Hops are asking Eugene, Washington County and the state Legislature for more handouts. 

It’s quite shocking, really. But heck, if the teams give lobbyists and communications experts $100,000 and get millions in return, it’ll have been a good investment for them.

University researchers, on the other hand, say if you want economic development, funding baseball stadiums is not the way to do it. In fact, it would be better to drop dollar bills from a helicopter. 

Jody Wiser

Founder of Tax Fairness Oregon



Great to see Eugene Weekly still functioning online and the outpouring of love from readers. 

And no wonder, the Weekly is always positive and covering what others might not. My favorite part is the letters, where opinions are expressed and sometimes debated. The scourges of poverty, hunger and homelessness, have made these pages, as has the expanded Child Tax Credit that cut child poverty nearly in half before Congress failed to renew it.  

Right now Congress is considering a bipartisan tax bill that would lift 500,000 children out of poverty while renewing some business tax credit. This initiative is more likely to pass if our members of Congress hear from us. Make the call, 202-224-3121, and ask your representative to vote for this bipartisan legislation that will make a difference for children.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Washington


How did America get to where we swallow political promises like JELL-O? Stupid advertising is one way.

You cover your head with some fabric just to get a whiff, and then “You realize you’re in love with a laundry detergent.”

“Get morning weather, only on XYZ today.” Oh really, your favorite radio station is the only place where weather is reported?

Everybody swigging this beer at a football game tells us what? The beer is “The mark of a fighter.” Drink tons of our beer, and then start a fight in the stands!

With this tax filing company, “File your taxes with 100 percent accuracy, guaranteed!” So, 100 percent accuracy for everybody has never been achieved in the history of the world until this corporate marketing department announced it. Very cool.

A truck commercial promotes hands-free winter driving while towing a load on a slippery road beside a steep embankment leading to a frozen lake below. Let’s add children on board and drinking beer with our free hands and we’ve got our political parties nailed!

CBS interviewed a voter about why she likes Trump: “I think he can fix all our problems.” See, just like JELL-O.

Kimball Shinkoskey

(a long-time Eugene investor)

Woods Cross, Utah 


You know how people plan their New Year’s Resolutions? Last year, it wasn’t a specific resolution folks spouted, but more on the side of a New Year’s Motivational Word, or Word Salad — if that was more to your liking. Multiple words thrown on a screen coming at you in different directions, blasting forth in multiple font sizes. This year’s iteration seems to be a gleaming new promise of “New Years Inspiration,” or “Intention.”  

That’s hopeful. A doable deed. Not something to be jettisoned on week three along with the pilates class “a friend” signed up for and gave the heave ho before the Visa bill for the new workout clothes and water bottle set “a friend’s” mailbox aflame. 

An Inspiration. An Intention. It sounds lofty, attainable. Something a little case of ADHD can contend with. A malleable, nebulous miasma about my imaginary self. I can be Inspirational, or strike an Intention. Put it on a Post-it-note and stick it on the inside of the bathroom cabinet. By golly, even I can attain this goal. It’s a fail safe New Year’s Resolution. 

Weavers always want to know, “What’s your weaving goals for the New Year?” I’ll whip it out of my pocket when a friend inquires as to my aspirational goals for 2024. “I feel an inspiration to… (fill in the blank).” “My intention is… (fill in this blank if the first one raised a hairy eyebrow.)”

I can ignore the fact that my weaving studio is a hoarder’s delight. Yarn and fabric are crammed into each cubby in the house, although the kitchen has been declared off limits by my dear Dale. Can I replace the couch cushion’s stuffing with yarn? How would sitting on bolts of fabric feel on the buttocks? Perhaps I could lay fabric flat under the mattress?

But alas, I truly have an Intention. I intend to not leave needles or pins stuck in the carpet for Dale to step on. I intend to not embarrass myself by yanking a spool of weaving thread out of my purse when I hand the cashier my credit card while buying provisions. I am Inspired by painted warps and Swedish designs of Krokbragd. I have every Intention of working on algebra and committing formulas to memory. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, the square roots of 13 through 20, the assigned proportional number values of color as listed by Johannes Itten. Finish the complete series of Foundation books with prequels and sequels. Bake a successful sourdough bread. OK, maybe start with reorganizing the studio and closet for matrimonial harmony.  

Hmmm, I think I saw open shelf space in the attic.

Sarah Mostkoff 


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