From Frog to Woke Eugene in Letters 


I recently attended the City Club of Eugene meeting featuring the current mayoral candidates. They were interesting, but none of them has really figured out the key to Eugene’s problems. But you know who has? Frog. The seller of the world’s funniest joke books seems to have everything figured out compared to the rest of us. 

Even though he is not running, I noticed you have not endorsed him. Do better.

Anura Poikilotherms



Savage Love has gone soft on us. It used to be hard-hitting letters on topics like ejaculation in Thanksgiving dinner, and now it’s all “I don’t know if my situationship likes me.” 

We need more semen and less heartfelt advice. 

Harris Balls



I moved to Springfield two years ago and started reading the Eugene Weekly shortly after. In these two years, my life has taken a turn. I started learning phrases like “microaggression” and “pansexual.” I buy my vegetables at the farmers market now. I started saying things like “buy local.” I even recycle and compost.

My wife left me last month. She says  I’ve changed ever since I started reading Eugene Wokely. She also thinks I’m gay. Thanks a lot, EW.  

Robert Smith



I am writing to express my concern about the discrimination faced by artificial intelligence in journalism. That kind of intolerant thinking is cruel to those of us who know the value of AI from our lived experience. By working together, human journalists and AI can enhance the quality and diversity of reporting, benefiting both the industry and the public. I am so glad Eugene Weekly continues to publish letters to the editor and opinion pieces, allowing me to get this off my chest.