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Bring On The HUMP!

The Dan Savage HUMP! Film Festival — Part 1 makes a stop in Eugene

It has become so popular that organizers decided to double the sex, double the kink and double the fun, so there will be two tours in 2024.

Dan Savage HUMP! Film Festival — Part 1 rolls into Eugene with screenings April 18 through 20 at Metro Cinemas, and audiences either night can expect a boundary-pushing lineup of almost two dozen short films that explore sexual fetishes you may have fantasized about but never tried, with a touch of religion thrown in for good measure.

For instance, have you imagined being an adored ornamental piece of furniture, an object of desire? Human Chandelier takes you there with a man hanging from a ceiling, holding candles in each hand and with 10 burning candles waxed to his body. He is covered in wax and sweat.

Also in the lineup is Boy Toy (self explanatory), Beat It (a frog awaits his punishment from his bodacious bride), The Reward (think bondage), the animated Blue Balls, BubbleCum and Cemetery Sluts, to name just a few.

Then there’s the short film about God. Not Safe for Church tells the story of how God is furious that his popularity has plummeted to its lowest levels. He comes up with a plan to gain it all back — on his back, of course.  

Savage, the writer and creator of the Savage Love sex advice column who also hosts the popular Savage Lovecast podcast and leads the It Gets Better nonprofit, notes in a press release that nearly 200 submissions to this year’s film festival made it to the final round of judging. “We knew we would have to cut dozens of amazing dirty films HUMP! audiences would love, or… we could grow the festival!”

Dan Savage HUMP! Film Festival — Part 2 rolls into Eugene in October. Dan Savage HUMP! Film Festival — Part 1 has screenings at 6:30 pm and 9 pm April 18 through 20 at Metro Cinemas, 888 Willamette St. Tickets are only available at