Photo Courtesy of Lane United Football Club.

Lane United FC Showing Europeans How It’s Done

Expect heart pounding moments during Lane United FC’s opening games on May 19 — the women taking on Capital FC in Salem and the men playing against Midlakes United FC here at Civic!

Balls abound! Tearing that turf up! Showing the world how we Americans play football — nay — how we play soccer. The Reds, the men’s and women’s clubs that make up Lane United Football Club, are already up and stomping on the turf. Be sure to catch a glimpse of both clubs, each playing their second game of the 2024 season, this Sunday, May 19. The women’s team, a member of the USL W League, will be playing against Capital FC in Salem at John Chambers Field at 2 pm. Go get ’em. The men’s team, a part of the USL League 2, will be taking on the Midlakes United FC from Bellevue, Washington, at 2 pm here at our local Civic Stadium. 

Lane United Football Club women’s game is 2 pm May 29 at John Chambers Field, 5201 State Street, Salem. Lane United Football Club men’s game is 2 pm at Civic Park, 2077 Willamette Street. $12 tickets for adults, $8 for students and $6 for children can all be purchased online at