Free Creatures. Photo by Jeff Willson.

A Homecoming

Two Oregon bands stop in town while on tour

A seven-piece band will transcend its audience into a high-flying and beat-dropping space with a psychedelic, hip-hop performance this Friday night. High Step Society performs with Free Creatures May 31 at McDonald Theater. High Step Society brings jazz to a dance party with the new single “Demon on the Dancefloor.” As a three-piece band, Marv Ellis’ Free Creatures fuses alternative hip-hop, indie jam, psych rock and EDM to create Umami music. Listen out for songs, including “Inviting You In” and “Get It Done,” from the 2023 album While We Can. Hear Free Creatures perform “Oregon Knights” as the band travels back to its roots in this homecoming show. The bands unite while on their separate tours all around the country. Eugene, prepare for an energetic, whirlwind of a show with these two bands.

High Step Society and Free Creatures perform 8 pm May 31 at McDonald Theatre, 1010 Willamette Street. Tickets are $20 at

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