The Australian Pink Floyd Show performing at the 'All That's To Come Tour' in 2022. Photo courtesy of The Australian Pink Floyd Show.

A Legendary Cover Band

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is in town

The Australian Pink Floyd Show has sold over five million tickets worldwide, captivating audiences in over 30 countries and comes to Eugene August 4 at the Hult Center. The tribute band began its journey 36 years ago in Adelaide, Australia. The original Pink Floyd sound is characterized by its psychedelic themes and thought-provoking lyrics. Its influence on the music world has been immensely profound as albums like The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall have left an undeniable mark on the history of rock-and-roll. Capturing the essence of such a band is no easy feat, yet The Australian Pink Floyd Show has managed to do just that — the cover band has meticulously replicated the iconic sound of Pink Floyd, encapsulating the ethereal guitar solos and the iconic deep-hearted vocals the band is known for. Pink Floyd’s own guitarist, David Gilmour, recognized the cover band for its preservation and precise execution. He ended up using the tribute band for his 50th birthday performance in 2004. The Australian Pink Floyd continues to mesmerize Pink Floyd loyalists around the globe, consistently seeking new audiences that crave the very jaw-dropping performance tour shows that Pink Floyd was famous for. 

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is 7:30 pm August 4 at the Hult Center. Tickets range from $35-$179 at