Photo by Cindy Hayes.

A Smashing Good Time

The 90s rock band Smash Mouth arrives in Redmond August 9 to take all rock lovers back in time

To the tune of “All Star” by Smash Mouth

Somebody just told me
This summer’s gonna show me 
Everything I wanna see in Eugene. 
I was in the EW newsroom 
And I could never not assume 
That the Smash Mouth show August 9 in Redmond is the place to be. 

Well the summer is coming 
And I will be coming to the Smash Mouth show
Hitting that dance floor like it’s nothing. 
Didn’t make sense to skip this show
While I’m down there I’ll have some beer and some fun. 
So much to drink
So much to eat 
I wonder what’s going on with my feet
As I throw it back on the dance floor
Without Smash Mouth life is a bore.

Hey now
You’re in Redmond
Seeing Smash Mouth
Get drunk. 
Hey now
It’s August 9
Get your groove on
Get funked. 
All the tickets aren’t sold

Only $45 to see the show.Smash Mouth is 4 pm August 9 at General Duffy’s Waterhole, 404 South West Forest Avenue, Redmond. Tickets can be purchased online at Adults are $45, children for $25, VIP for $120 and day-of for $60.