Photo by Vivien Chao.

Relax and Rejuvenate

An exercise developed in China thousands of years ago is still current and promotes energy and body movement

“Qigong is the art of cultivating and harmonizing the body, breath and mind, leading to a state of balanced vitality and inner peace,” says Nate Guadagni (pictured). It’s a definition given to him by one of his teachers. He hosts Qigong with Nate every Tuesday in June and July at the Emerald Park pavilion. For about 20 years, Guadagni has practiced qigong in different styles and systems. Thousands of years ago, qigong was developed as traditional Chinese medicine. The exercises promote energy stimulating the mind, body and spirit in a different way than yoga does. No matter your age, weight, size or identity, everyone is welcome in Guadagni’s classes. They start with gentle warm-ups with body tapping and joint rotations. Then he shifts the class into flows, which are flowing patterns of movement combined with powerful stances. “For me, qigong brings me back to my center, a sense of peace, a sense of hopefulness,” Guadagni says. “It tunes me into my connection with nature, whether I’m practicing in my yard or by the river or even just in a studio or in a house. I can kind of find that sense of optimism.”

Qigong with Nate is 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm every Tuesday in June and July at Emerald Park Pavillion, 1400 Lake Drive. Classes are $10 each. More information at