Bridgerton Obsession

Season three of Bridgerton sure has me anxiously waiting to find out what happens in part two

Steamy, sensual and sensational — my exact description of season three of the Netflix series Bridgerton. Set in England during the Regency era in the early 1800s, each season focuses on a Bridgerton family member falling in forbidden love. As the seasons go on, the outlandish acts of love grow more intense. 

Spoiler alert: Season three focuses on Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, longtime friends turned lovers before marriage. Isn’t that a crime against humanity? Well, society back then sure thought so, because scandalous acts always come out whether it’s from the anonymous Lady Whistledown writing it in her gossip letters or whispers on the streets. Anyway, Netflix left the Bridgerton fan base on the edge of our seats by releasing only half of the season last month and ending it on a cliffhanger — a swift engagement, if you will.

June 13 was the day we were all waiting for, when the second half of season three came out. Will Colin find true love despite the secrets and scandals that are sure to follow? BRB (be right back), so I can run to my couch and click on the next episode with my Diet Coke in one hand and a bowl of buttery popcorn in the other.

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