The Most Eclectic 2024 Playlist

What the Eugene Weekly Staff is Listening to in 2024

2024 is already shaping up to be a wild year for new music. Beyoncé released the second installment in her genre-bending trilogy with the country-inspired Cowboy Carter; Taylor Swift put out her 31-track album The Tortured Poet’s Department; Kendrick Lamar dropped the best diss track of 2024 with “Not Like Us”; and Charli XCX has reached global stardom with her latest release, Brat. 

And it’s only June.

While here at Eugene Weekly we love a good pop song, we also are a staff of very diverse music tastes. Calendar editor Brianna Murschel loves a sweet country song while reporter Bentley Freeman is more likely to listen to rap like Gunna and Metro Boomin. Photographer Todd Cooper is a “music nerd” by his definition and reporter Emerson Brady really just likes it all.

Here is our roundup of this year’s best indie, rock, rap, electronic, country and everything in between. This playlist is meant to be random so shuffle it and let our grab bag of tunes be the soundtrack of your summer.

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