Spirited Album

Billie Eilish’s new melodies hit just right

After three years of silence, Billie Eilish has been feeding her fans well with her new album Hit Me Hard and Soft, released May 17. The album’s track list quite literally hits you hard and soft with its somber melodies like “Skinny,” “The Greatest” and “Blue” and upbeat songs like “Lunch,” “L’amour De Ma Vie,” and “Birds Of A Feather.”

The album shows how far Eilish has come as an artist and a singer, as this is the first album that she has had a large hand in producing, and the first time she has ever fully belted (seriously, check out minute 2:44 of “Birds Of A Feather”). 

For the Studio Ghibli lovers, Eilish pays homage to the movie Spirited Away with her song “Chihiro.” Spirited Away follows a young girl named Chihiro who has to move with her parents, and while making their way to their new house they inadvertently enter a world of spirits. Throughout her journey in this spirit world Chihiro matures from a fearful child to a strong heroine. Speaking to Rolling Stone in an exclusive interview, Eilish said: “The song is loosely based off of that movie, which is one of my favorites. It’s kind of from her point of view, mixed with mine.” Chihiro’s storyline falls in line with Eilish coming of age. Eilish has been in the music industry since she was 13, and at 22 she is aiming to reintroduce the matured version of herself to the world. This especially can be seen in her song “Lunch,” which is an upbeat lesbian anthem that has aided in her coming out to the world. Just in time for the month of June, “Lunch”  can be your new Pride month jam. This album is also the perfect soundtrack for those who are in their early 20s and graduating because it’s a bittersweet moment that hits you both hard and soft. — Emily Rogers

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