Remembering Jane Doe

 I witnessed a community member overdose over the weekend down the street from my home in the Whiteaker. I want them to be remembered. I didn’t know their name, but I used Jane (as in Jane Doe).

I want you to know, 
you had your friend by your side. 

I want you to know,
the sun was shining,
on a beautiful June morning; and,
the birds were chirping.

I want you to know, 
there was the passerby, 
who pressed on your chest, 
until he couldn’t no more.
The officer who sprayed your nostrils, 
and rubbed your chest.
Your pink dress, clung to your body,
as you took your final breath.

I want you to know there were people,
with you in your final moments,
even if they weren’t before.

I want you to know, 
your life mattered, 
you deserved better.

I want you to know, 
I am thinking about you,
and I am sorry I didn’t tell you before. 

Cynthia Aguilar