BoingBoing FTW! *

If you don’t read BoingBoing on a daily basis, you’re missing out on all the best internet smartness and randomness. Politics, net stuff, geek stuff, LOLcats (love!), sarcasm, phallic street poles … and wicked awesome shirts:

All sold out. But I am so getting one, if/when they come back. Threat Level: Doctorow. Yes, plz.

* From time to time, I will take it upon myself to edumacate you normal, non-internet addicted folks on internet grammar. Today’s lesson: FTW. This means, in short, For The Win. As in, “Yes! The item/person/thought/theory/slashfic pairing in question has now ruled all others in a One Ring not-in-the-hands-of-evil kind of way!”

OK, I made that part of the definition up myself. Peruse Urban Dictionary for more, if you must. It really does mean for the win, though.