So … what year is it, again?

First I got the new issue of Rolling Stone, which features Guns ‘N’ Roses on the cover.

Then I got a press release announcing the Black Crowes’ upcoming show at the Cuthbert.

Sorry, but did I miss something? Did I wake up in 1990? Should my jeans be tighter and stretchier and my hair a couple feet longer? (The shirt, it will remain black and plain. Some things never change.)

There’s a rant to be written here about summer concerts and their tendency to look ever backward, ignoring the current crop of artists — in large part, I suspect, because the somewhat-out-of-date acts aren’t charging as much. (It should go without saying that this isn’t always true — there are good summer shows; take a peek at the Edgefield’s summer lineup. But you don’t often see Def Leppard and Foreigner on tour in the winter. The Black Crowes aren’t quite at that level of Former Arena Rock Glory, but can you name their last two albums? I don’t think so. (Yes, yes, I know, some of you can. But you’re in the minority. Sorry)

But anyway. Yeah. 1990. Around there. In case you’re wondering, the GNR cover is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction’s release. How old do you feel now?

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