First Day of Giftmas: Molly Want

(A note: I decided we ought to make Giftmas posts to include fun things what we didn’t put in gift guides. There are no seven days of Giftmas. There is no Giftmas. But I like the word Giftmas. I far prefer it to the internet-nerdy $WINTERHOLIDAY, which I find inexplicably offputting. So Suzi and I are BOTH going to post DAILY about Things What Are Cool. Seriously!)

So, um. What do I want? Let’s start simple: treats from Lush! O many moons ago, Lush didn’t exist in the U.S. I had to order my bath treats from the U.K. or Canada. A friend remembered and brought me soap from England once. It was super. When I lived in Australia, I asked the lovely lady at my hostel’s front desk where the Lush store was. “Down around Swanston and … I forget,” she said. “Walk down Swanston and follow your nose.”

This worked. I shit you not. I could smell that trademark, almost-overwhelming-but-not-allergic-reaction-inducing smell from a block away. See, fake scents make me sneeze. They make my throat itch and my eyes water. But Lush stuff — like stuff made by some of my other favorite companies, Villainess, Portland-based Arcana (whose Frozen Heart scrub is amazing) and my beloved Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (about which more later) — doesn’t bother me (well, “ozone” notes still give me a headache, but I think that’s as much psychological as anything; they all smell like ex-boyfriend shower gel). I bought myself a Christmas Star as a reward for this, that or the other thing, but there are so many more things to want. Potion and American Cream solid perfume! Silver Cloud and Twinkle and Jingle Spells bath bombs! Sodium lauryl sulfate-free Squeaky Green shampoo bars! Christmas Kisses bubble bars!

Actually, most of their holiday stuff appeals to me. (Bob soap, mmmmmm.) But their normal stuff sure isn’t bad either. And Lush is a good company; as the website explains, “We believe fresh cosmetics are more effective and require fewer preservatives. That’s why we hand-make our products in small batches in our own factories. And unlike other beauty companies, many of our products are vegan, and none of our ingredients or products has been tested on animals. We choose ethical sources for the ingredients in our cruelty-free products and use minimal or recyclable packaging. We also give generously to charities championing animal rights, humanitarian concerns and environmental conservation.”

It’s doubtless too late to order from the Lush site, but they do have a store in Northwest Portland, should you be venturing north for last minute shopping. Be prepared for the piles of good-smelling bath and shower treats, and watch your wallet! This deliciously decadent stuff doesn’t often come cheap.