Second Day of Giftmas: Yes, I’m Behind a Day

Problem: It’s really hard to write Giftmas posts when I, er, haven’t been leaving the house (except to go to work, of course). But the whole idea of Giftmas posts in the first place was sort of inspired by the staff wish lists some of us made for Suzi that then didn’t make it into last month’s gift guide, so, hrm, what did I have on there? Well, a lot of vague things, includng a pretty winter coat, the perfect black cotton cardigan and the even-more-perfect elusive pair of black, knee-high leather boots. And for some network to produce a fourth season of Veronica Mars. I might as well wish to be as cute as Kristen Bell while I’m at it, right?

My Amazon wishlist is not a bucket of help either.

I wanted to post about the Bacon of the Month club, but there isn’t enough detail about the “artisan bacon” for me to comfortably praise it; sure, it’s a great idea, but it doesn’t tell me where the bacon comes from, if it’s organically or humanely raised, and I’m … not comfortable with that.

(Veggie Bacon Salt, anyone?)

But while I’m hungry and thinking about food, some notions:

  • Jars of Yumm! Sauce
  • Delicious cheese from our numerous wonderful area cheesemakers (available all over the place, including at Market of Choice and Kiva and more stores I don’t happen to be in on a regular basis and so can’t immediately vouch for)
  • A CSA membership (oooh, there’s a present I could use…)
  • Pounds and pounds of Wandering Goat and/or Full City coffee
  • Stocks, duck fat and other basic cooking elements from Provisions
  • Restaurant gift certificates
  • Gently used cookbooks from our fine used bookstores

OK, now I’m getting vague.

My third day of Giftmas post will be better! I hope.

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