Pizza Research Institute now has another award to hang next to their handful of Best of Eugene certificates: The delicious pies and slices have led the tiny, tempting-smelling joint to be selected as one of the country’s Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Pizzerias. They’re sitting nicely in the middle of the pack at number five; the press release from PETA says:

The Pizza Research Institute is a much hipper place than its name implies. However, with all the one-of-a-kind pizzas they offer, you would think that there really were a staff of scientists in the kitchen. Health-conscious diners will find on the menu such items as the Chef’s Choice, which redefines “veggie lover;” the “3P” with pears, potatoes, and pineapples; and toppings as far-out as corn on the cob.

Congrats, you guys! Funny, now I think I’m hungry for pizza…