Eugene Celebration: And Now For Something Completely Different

Photo by Todd Cooper

Whoever booked 31Knots to play the EC, I owe you a beer. Seriously. I’ll pay up and everything. Because that was awesome. Tons of songs from Talk Like Blood, the singer layering a different outfit over the one he was initially wearing to play the last three songs, their total indifference to the spotty crowd (which grew as the show went on), the way that for once the parts being played electronically didn’t seem like a cop-out (maybe because everyone in the band was so good on their own) … yeah. I’ve been waiting for three or four years to see them, and it all lived up to my internal hype. And was fantastically entertaining, too.

If you weren’t there, you missed out. Even though yes, as some folks were yelling, they did need to turn up the bass. And that’s not a complaint I make often.