Finding the Right Clues

Because I still have the tabs open: In this Thursday’s paper, you’ll find a wee tiny last minute preview of a show at Sam Bond’s by a band called The Clues. The Clues, assuming it’s the right Clues, include former members of Arcade Fire and the short-lived but beloved and awesome Unicorns. (There’s another The Clues in Colorado, apparently.) The Clues are kind of a pain to Google unless you include the band members’ former bands. But there’s some good stuff out there:

• Pitchfork has an MP3 of “Perfect Fit,” from The Clues’ upcoming debut album.

• Exclaim News has a nifty live YouTube clip from Pop Montreal.

• Constellation Records has a page up for the forthcoming CD, but no new tracks.

• And Villa Villa Nova, a Canadian online store for music and such by the people that run it (and others), has a few clips and tidbits about the band.

Now there’s just one problem with this band and their show: It’s March 1, the same damn night as the A.C. Newman show at John Henry’s. Show-hopping on a Sunday? Let’s just hope it isn’t raining.

(Addendum: Suzi tells me this is the EW blog’s 1,000th post. Hey, nifty!)