Major Change at Midtown Marketplace

As of Tuesday, March 3, current info on Bel Ami/Midtown can be found in the following post.

Word is coming in from multiple places that Bel Ami Restaurant and Lounge is closed. The fate of the front of the building — the coffee shop, wine shop and bistro — is less clear, though it sounds as if they’re remaining open.

More detail will come as we have it.

EDIT, 4:20 pm: The rumors are confirmed: Bel Ami as we knew it is closed; the bistro and coffee shop will remain open, with their hours expanded beginning next week.

This is, needless to say, a major bummer for those who are now down one more drinking and dining establishment in the neighborhood — and, more importantly, for any Bel Ami staff now out of a job in this rough economic time.

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