Goodbye, Indigo; Hello, District!

The Indigo District is (almost) dead; long live the District!

After one last dance party on April 11 (10:30 pm; black clothing preferred), the Indigo as we know it will close its doors for good — for a few weeks. On April 24, the remodeled District will arrive, in all its daytime-coffeeshop-having, weekend-dance-club-retaining glory. As the press release explains,

The District will cater to college students, locals enjoying Downtown Eugene and the office crowd. It will be a place to study or work, grab a cup of coffee, enjoy a meal, see a great live show, or have a few drinks. Customers will also be able to enjoy The District’s free WiFi along with the relaxed atmosphere.

The District’s coffeehouse side will be a nonprofit, with proceeds from coffee sales going to help dog owners pay for lifesaving surgery for their pups. And hey, they’ll have both vegan and traditional Philly cheesesteaks. I think I see a lunch date in my future.