Help Chico Schwall Get His Stuff Back

This email came from Brian Cutean this morning. I’m reposting it just as it is; hopefully someone out there can help.

Dear friends,

Eugene musician and music teacher William “Chico” Schwall had a devastating break-in at his work space and a lot of equipment was stolen when he was out working. We’re asking local media to please help publicize this list. Share the list. Pass it on to anyone who should see it. Some of these instruments are unique and would be easy to spot.

Many thanks. Any information should be sent to Chico’s at 541.684.8216.

Keep reading for the complete list of stolen items.

The list:

2006 iMac Intel computer serial # W8605C6PU2N

1971 Martin D-28 guitar serial # 208476
Top is “aged” in. Spruce top, rosewood back & sides. Nice condition.
Black case with stickers, including one that says, “Squirrel –the other
white meat”

Late 30’s Kalamazoo archtop guitar
honey-colored top, f-holes. K&K pickups on inside top
In oversized black case

Late 30’s New York Epiphone mandolin
Family heirloom, quite rare. F-style body with scroll and f-holes,
Assymetrical Epi peghead. Wide fingerboard, figured maple back, sunburst
finish. Easy to spot since very few of them exist.

Recent Guild acoustic flat top guitar serial # GAD- 20848
Cutaway, wood binding, old-style Guild logo (not the new script one),
Padouk back & sides (reddish). Tweed case.

Carvin C980T12 acoustic 12-string guitar
Rounded “jumbo” body, cutaway. Onboard electronics & tuner
Abalone trim, spruce top, rosewood back & sides

Roscoe Wright handmade custom Tele-style guitar
Bubble Maple top, binding, rosewood strip through the neck,
initials (FC, in nearly illegible script) inlaid on fingerboard. Unique.
Black bag. I have photos.

Danelectro 12-string electric guitar
red with white pickguard

Avante Baritone Acoustic guitar
large “cubist” acoustic body, spruce top Mahogany back & sides

Parker P 38 electric guitar
three pickup (plus piezo) sunburst, pearl pickguard. black bag

Rogue resophonic electric-acoustic guitar
Shallow body with f-hole and cutaway. Natural finish, metal resonator

Dean Solidbody electric guitar. Two pickups, dark natural finish

Fender TeleCoustic guitar
Dark natural top, black plastic back.

DeArmond solidbody electric 7-string guitar
Gray painted finish

Apple Creek Dulcimer in rectangular black case. solid wood.

Seymour Duncan SFX – 03 Twin Tube Classic pre-amp
metal casing, 6 knobs, two switches.

Black cube-shaped fabric microphone case with assorted mikes: ’58 clones,
a beta 57, a couple of condensers. Cables and clips.

small black ‘sports illustrated’ binocular case with four harmonicas.

Pro Co “Rat” guitar pedal

Boss Ce-2 Chrous pedal

Overdrive pedal

Korg chromatic electronic tuner. black with painted red dots.

Black small brim fedora Stetson hat