Another Place to Vote for Locals: Adventure Galley in MySpace’s Rock the Space contest

We’ve been so focused on Best of Eugene voting that this one almost snuck by me: Eugene band Adventure Galley is one of the six finalists in MySpace’s Rock the Space 2 contest. Six finalists! Out of 17,000 entries! That’s pretty nifty. The band’s entry into the contest is “Addict”; their contest page currently has more than 27,000 pageviews, which is well above four of the other bands — and well behind the 394,000 pageviews boasted by a duo with a corny power ballad as their entry.

Adventure Galley stands to win a load of Fender gear, a recording contract and, I imagine, a decent dose of national attention. A goofy video on the contest page has them playing on the roof of the Lorax Manner and talking about why they want to win. Their Franz Ferdinand-esque, Killersy song is a catchy little number, pretty accurately described by the first press quote on their MySpace page: “Reminiscent of so many bands of yesteryouth, muddled with our generation’s lazing indie spirit.”

In an email, drummer Brock (the fellas go by one name apiece, it seems) writes, “Out of all the finalists, we are the only one from the entire Pacific Northwest, so we are kind of representing the Northwest’s music scene to the 100,000s who have visited the contest’s site. We need votes to win the final round so we are trying let people know about it so they can listen and vote, and support Eugene’s local music scene on a national scale.”

You heard the man. Go out and vote! The voting period ends on Aug. 30, and you only get one vote, unless you’re some crazy geek with a driving need to fool the system. In which case I’m sure you’ll figure out some way to get around that.