Make Charmingness Even, Uh, Cuter: The Ascetic Junkies’ new video for “Why Do Crows?”

Some people use “cute” as a pejorative. I don’t. So when I say that the new Ascetic Junkies video is the cutest goddamn thing EVER, what I mean is it’s the cutest goddamn thing I’ve seen in some unspecified period of time. Just look at it! Look at the way the little animated Kali Giaritta goes all frowny and slightly evil when the song rocks out! Look at the way the music appears in squiggled lines! Look at the banjo player’s fluffy white cloud of a beard! JUST LOOK AT IT!

Why Do Crows? from Ascetic Junkies on Vimeo.
If you were to click over to that Vimeo page, you’d find that the video was hand-drawn by Junkies bassist Cole Huiskamp, who sometimes has devil horns poking through his cap. In the video, I mean.

The Ascetic Junkies celebrate the release of their new CD, This Cage Has No Bottom, at 9:30 pm Saturday, Oct. 16, at Sam Bond’s Garage (21+, $5). I wrote about the band back in January and found, when it came time to preview this week’s show, that I basically wanted to say all the same things. It’s all true. All of it. (But there’ll still be a new preview in this Thursday’s paper.)