Forever Hold Your Peace

The big bogus bridge to nowhere

If anyone present has any reason why these two women should not be joined in matrimony speak now.



The bad news is that while 53 percent of Americans now support legalizing marriage for gay and lesbian couples, 44 percent remain uber-opposed. Im not talking about YOU, of course. you’re cool and you get it, and I thank you sincerely.

Meanwhile, in all but six U.S. states, its still illegal for two men or two women to wed. In Indiana, for example, theyre pursuing a constitutional ban, even though its already against the law there, so they can install one more padlock on equalitys door. Cant be too safe when it comes to protecting us from Ä what was it again?

Oh, right. “Redefining traditional marriage.” Which definition and which tradition, do they mean, exactly? The Biblical tradition of a man marrying multiple wives? Keeping concubines? Owning slaves? Laws prohibiting interracial marriage? Or denying that rape can occur within a marriage? Requiring a wife to obtain her husbands written permission to borrow money? Thank God(dess) weve evolved. The definition of marriage has always been evolving. Its traditional for our traditions to evolve.

The 44 percenters are irrational, but they have their reasons. Let me count the ways.

We must exclude lesbian couples from marriage because ã and youll remember this from Anita Bryants “Save Our Children” campaign ã They are out to get our kids! (Same old scare tactic that worked wonders for the Klan, the Nazis, and the Spanish Inquisitors ã talk about reuse-repurpose-recycle!) Naturally, theyre not talking about saving children who already have two moms or two dads. Truth is ã and study upon study backs this up ã on average, offspring of married parents tend to be healthier, better adjusted, and more secure than offspring of non-marrieds, whether the parents are gay or straight. No lie. Wanna save the children? Let their parents marry.

Besides, heterosexual couples arent required to reproduce to qualify for a marriage license. Lots of married people dont have kids. Basing the freedom to marry on how it might affect children is one big bogus bridge to nowhere.

Even so, by the way, studies also show that children with two dads or two moms actually exhibit better problem-solving skills, more compassion, and greater acceptance of differences than children of straight parents. Not that anyones advocating only same-sex parents be allowed to have kids. Im just sayin.

The one-man/ one-woman-only thugs claim that gay and lesbian weddings somehow would take away religious freedom. Please. The whole idea is to ensure everyones freedom. Religions get to choose which couples they marry within their churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, covens, faerie circles or wherever. No law would change that. Only faiths supporting marriages for gay and lesbian couples will perform them. The rest are free to practice their narrow-minded, backward, chauvinistic, misogynistic, spiritual terrorism to their shriveled hardened hearts content.

Not that Im biased.

So, what does that leave. Anything?

I mean it. If anybody has one single solitary valid reason for denying me and my mate of 23 years ã or any loving couple ã the freedom to marry, Id like to hear it.


Im waiting Ä

Award-winning writer, Sally Sheklows legal Canadian marriage is not recognized by the U.S. government or the state of Oregon.