Eugene Weekly : 5.15.08

Cover Story:
Who's Votin' Who?
EW hits the streets to survey local voters

EW! A Blog.

News Shorts:

Clark's Job Conflicts with Councilor

Obama Leads in Eugene Donors

Barsamian Tours State

Torrey's Parks Bait & Switch

Slicing the Budget Pie

Activist Alert

EW Election Endorsements At-A-Glance

War Dead

Lane Area Herbicide Spray Schedule

Slant: Short opinion pieces and rumor-chasing notes

Un-Damming Elk Creek

Controversial Rogue River dam to make way for salmon

Handy vs. Green

Challenger may bring big change to county

What Was Good

Mourning the imminent loss of a storied wrestling program

Happening Person:
Thea Albright

The Bitter American

Confronting the pain of unmet needs

Design Matters:
Flyover Envy

Beauty is in the budget?

Living Out:
Miserable Enough?

Tips from a master for aspiring humor writers

Letters to the Editor

Movie Review:
The Visitor
The Odd Couples
A story about the most unlikely relationships

Movie Review:
The Beat Goes On
The Young@Heart Chorus defies expectations

Arts Shorts:
Arts Shorts

Ballet Fantastique, Spring Into Music, The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival

A Gutsy Hamlet

Or Not to Be turns the horror inside out

Opening Nights

Lotus Lessons

Man and Boy on the Verge

Struggling through the dangers of the deep

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