Eugene Weekly : Art Notes : 3.15.07


Reading some comments on another alt-weekly’s blog the other day, I came across people who whined that Seattle-ites wouldn’t be able to handle tough folks from the East Coast. “What are you gonna do, hold another meeting?” the commenter wrote. Sorry, Seattle and East Coast transplants, but I think on the public meeting front, Eugene’s all over you. At least these meetings have money attached to them: The city’s Cultural Policy Review continues, and after a two-month chill time, it’s back in the public meeting biz.

If you’re a creative type without a day job (been there; ouch), you can attend even more of the CPR than the rest of us schlubs. From noon to 4:30 pm on Monday, March 19, the mayor’s committee meets in the Downtown Library, Bascom/Tykeson Room, with a public comment time afterwards. Then at 6:30 pm, for the rest of us, there’s a public forum. The subject of both: a (second? third? fortieth?) draft outline of recommendations that the CPR committee will deliver to the City Council June 25. There’s only one more opportunity for public comment after Monday night, so be sure to come and add your voice. Does Eugene have too many My Little Pony showings and not enough support for edgy cool stuff? Does the UO get ignored by city denizens and staff, and should LTD run shuttles to LCC plays? Or maybe, like Opus6ix gallery man Robert Canaga, you believe that paintballing the Hult would bring some (needed) color to downtown Eugene. Whatever your idea, come share your comments and wow the East Coast firm Wolf Keens & Co. (now WolfBrown, but same idea) with Eugene’s mad public meeting skills. — Suzi Steffen



I first met Laura Lee LaRoux on a Friday night at Monroe St. Café talking about her designs. It was there I realized that the art on the walls were really clothing in frames. I knew we would cross paths again. When the weather starts to heat up, I will be wearing her “Little House on the Prairee” dresses and mini-skirts.

Laura Lee LaRoux

LaRoux, a farmgirl from Maryland with a degree in animal science, was influenced by her grandmother to sew at an early age. Beanie babies, frogs made of rice and crotcheing is where she got her start. After spending time in New York, LaRoux made her way to New Orleans and volunteered for nine months after the Katrina disaster. She then gathered a posse and made her way to Oregon, where she decided to plant herself. LaRoux describes herself as a “kitchen mama with a gun.” Maybe she got this inspiration from being a part of the Food Not Bombs soup kitchen, feeding the homeless.

“Empowerment in domestic roles” is what she is about, she says. “Appreciate my strength and beauty, but don’t disrespect it!” That’s where the guns come in.

LaRoux was a hit as well at the recent Vet’s Club fashion show. All her models had guns in hand as they walked the catwalk. Her clothes are a bit costumed, but they let you dress the part and become the character. She works at Infinity, and that’s where you will find her sewing away. All of her designs are unfinished, so if you like something she can fit it exactly to your desire. — Aspen River Rosen



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