Eugene Weekly : Arts Shorts : 4.21.11


Colors with Water

Watercolor ã or, as the French would say, aquarelle ã is a medium with a history spanning five hundred years. Popular during the Renaissance and considered a staple amongst the educated and elite class of 18th century Europe, watercolor painting was valued by the likes of mapmakers, engineers and even military officers for its illustrative abilities to depict terrain. The art form now is more so renowned for its obvious aesthetic beauty. It is this beauty thats chased after and exhibited by the Watercolor Society of Oregon, a statewide organization boasting more than 800 members dedicated to the practice of watercolor painting.

Founded in 1966 with 85 original members, the WSO is a topnotch collection of Oregonian artisans that holds its 46th Annual Aqueous Media Spring Show (a total of 80 original paintings) in Eugene through the month of April. Look to see the lucid floral paintings of Annie Fulkerson, the detailed portraits of Kathy Tiger and more. The Watercolor Society of Oregon exhibit can be viewed April 1-30, at the Jacobs Gallery; n/c. ã Dante Zu¿iga-West