Eugene Weekly : Arts Shorts : 5.12.11


Viva la Sur!

Downtown Eugene has taken an aesthetic trip south of the border as the Eugene Storefront Art Project showcases Latin artwork and music. “Arte del Sur” is a collection of paintings, music and photography by a premier group of artists with roots in Latin and South America.

One artist, Isabel Dutroncy, inspired by her many visits to churches, galleries and ancient ruins while growing up, channels a love for ancient history into her paintings. Dutroncy creates many rich, colorful images reminiscent of Mayan and Aztec culture with a modern twist. Samuel Becerra signed onto the project to bring his knowledge and experience of music to patrons enjoying the art walk, while other artists capture the living history of the area and culture through vivid photographs and free-flowing painting.

“Arte del Sur” will be on display at the Eugene Storefront Art Project through May. ã John Locanthi

High School Artists Showcase

One doesnt usually think of high school-aged artists when going to a gallery on Broadway. The New Zone Gallery challenges this assumption as it hosts the “Artists of Thurston High School” show this month.

In blazingly original fashion, the quality of this artwork belies the age of the artisans. A painting of a river cuts through a somber countryside as brooding clouds float overhead; Jellyfish converted into extraterrestrial spacecraft float through an aqua-colored artscape drawn by one of Thurston High Schools finest. In an era where art students in our public schools face uncertain futures, New Zone has made a bold statement this May, proving that Eugenes art scene isnt just for art majors and hipsters.

Curated by Messa Hernandez, the “Artists of Thurston High School” students runs through May 25 at The New Zone Gallery. ã John Locanthi