Eugene Weekly : Arts Shorts : 5.17.07


Last year’s Challenge

The Cascades Raptor Center stands atop a hill in the forest, far away from the hustle and bustle of town. The king and queen of this castle, Aeolus and McKenzie, sit proudly on their thrones as symbols of our nation. The magical Archimedes, cloaked in white, stares at his surroundings with a look of mischief and knowledge. The resident jester, Lethe, shows off for the crowds, spreading his big vulture wings for all to see. For royalty such as these, only the finest will do. They must have the best handlers, the plumpest chicks and the coziest cages. So how do they fund such luxuries? They throw a benefit, of course.

The last CRC fundraiser, Wings & Wine at the Secret House Vineyard, gave the community the royal treatment, featuring wine, dinner and guest appearances. Now, to top that, the center is teaming up with an event that will truly make your wings flutter — the Chocolate Challenge.

Picture this: Eleven vendors vying for your approval and the right to be called the tastiest. With mouthwatering morsels from Trufflier, Kekau Confections, Conscious Creations, Fenton & Lee, Euphoria, Silly Rabbit Chocolate Company, Chocolate Decadence, Goodies, Wingnut, Phibrations and Theo Chocolates, it’s a chocoholic’s dream and not too spendy at $1 per taste.

For those of you who prefer to create instead of taste, there will also be a judged competition for local chocolatiers. You can enter your favorite chocolate concotion in one of four categories: confectionary, truffles, dessert and centerpiece.

The event runs from 10 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday, May 19, at Fenario Gallery. To enter the contest, bring your chocolate creations (and $5 for the entry fee) between 8:30 to 10 am. For more information, contact Candy Moffett at 342-6411 or visit www.alderart.comDeanna Uutela




Scott Huckabay

We don’t mean the Q of England either, much as we’d like to see director Diane Retallack’s musical take on Elizabeth Windsor (though it might be painful to hear the Eugene Concert Choir perform the corgi parts). No, this is the Eugene Vocal Arts Ensemble (the chamber choir associated with the ECC) performing in a concert entitled Bohemian Rhapsody. And yes, it does feature what the press release calls “a hot new vocal arrangement of the rock classic by Queen.”

Like Chelsea Cain’s column in the Oregonian‘s 5/13 “O” section (in which she wrote a long, fun piece about flying in the summer because, well, she was reminded of summer by the name of Miranda July, who was reading from her new book), Retallack’s musical brain proceeded from “Bohemian Rhapsody” to all things Bohemian. So the ensemble will sing folk songs from ancient Bohemia and art songs of the Czech Republic, including songs by Dvorák, Smetana and Janacek (and, we can only hope, some scaramouches and fandangos!). And, of course, who could leave out songs of starving “Bohemians” in Paris — hence, songs from La Boheme? While you’re in France, why not sing some Debussy? Plus, if you’re singing songs from La Boheme, how could you ignore the modern reinterpretation Rent? Well, you couldn’t. So the eclectic program was created, and it’s finished off with a collaboration with that guitar-playing Eugene fixture, Scott Huckabay. Sure, you’re just a poor boy, nobody loves you, but you’ve got two chances to see the show, one at 8 pm Tuesday, May 22, at the new Wildish Theatre in Springfield, and the second at the same time Thursday, May 24, at the Hult Center. Tix run $10 at the Wildish and $11-$29 at the Hult. — Suzi Steffen


MFA Madness!

Inert 1 by Adrian Freuen
Portrait Amelia by Amelia Raley
pinky1 by Jennifer Woodin
Little Log 1 by Jason Ellenburg
Molly by Justin Fry

Swirly fish, smooth monkey-like babies, spoofed suburbia, dangerous jewelry and more! Every year, arts people look forward to the press release from the J-Schnitz about the school-year-ending MFA exhibit. Why? Because it’s such a hodgepodge of genres, materials, styles, temperaments and art-world attitudes. This year is no exception, with an intense mix of printmaking, photography, fiber, painting and the intense metalwork/jewelry making popping off the publicity CD. After many art history theory classes in days of yore, I also enjoy looking at artist statements like those of Justin Fry (“His work deals with memory decay, appropriation and semiotics embedded in our culture”) and Jennifer Woodin (“Her work explores the empathic connection between the vocabulary of industrial plumbing and human anatomy”). Awesome.

The show, imaginatively titled MFA 2007, opens with (what has been in the past, at least) a packed, refreshment-filled preview reception from 5:30 to 8 pm Friday, May 18. And participating artists lead gallery talks at 6 pm Wednesday, May 23 & 30 and June 13. If you miss those, you can download a tour for your mp3 player from the J-Schnitz ‘s Very Hip (™) iTour program. Seriously. And if you don’t know EW speak yet, the J-Schnitz is the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the UO campus (11 am to 8 pm Wed., 11 am to 5 pm Thurs. through Sun.; $5 adults, $3 stu., sr.; free to members & those w/UO ID cards). Blah blah blah — anyway, just go appreciate the pieces for which the students have been working their tails off during the past two years. On Friday, it’s free, it’s fun and it’s full of wine and cheese. Cool! — Suzi Steffen




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