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Best of Eugene 2009-2010: Dollars & Sense


best bike shop/repair

1. Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life 234 W. 6th Ave., 344-4150; 3870 W. 11th Ave., 343-2250; 152 W. 5th Ave., 344-4105; 2480 Alder St., 342-6155.

2. Revolution Cycles 1061 W. 2nd Ave., 302-8049.

3. Hutch’s Bicycle Store 960 Charnelton St., 345-7521; 2100 Main St., Springfield, 741-2453.


best outdoors/recreation store

1. McKenzie Outfitters 849 E. 13th Ave., 485-0557; 566 Olive St., 343-2300.

2. Backcountry Gear 1855 W. 2nd Ave. 485-4007.

3. Oregon River Sports 4000 Franklin Blvd. 334-0696.

Whether you’re in the need for rain gear, camping equipment or new running shoes, McKenzie Outfitters has what you’re looking for. And for your convenience, Eugene’s top outdoor store now has two locations: on 13th by the UO campus and on Olive near 5th. 


best independent bookstore

1. Smith Family Bookstore 768 E. 13th Ave., 345-1651; 525 Willamette St., 343-4717.

2. Tsunami Books 2585 Willamette St. 345-8986.

3. J. Michaels Books 160 E. Broadway. 342-2002.

We’re not surprised that Smith Family, with its two locations and endless shelves stuffed with every book you’re looking for and a dozen more that look appealing, regularly wins Best Independent Bookstore. We are surprised by how many of you ask, “Are there any left?” in reply to this category. Yes! There are! We miss the Book Mark and Books Without Borders too, but their absence is just all the more reason to shop at your favorites — Smith Family, with its incredible piles of books of all genres; Tsunami, with its impressive string of events adding to its appeal; J. Michaels, with shelves of gorgeous old and signed books along with stacks of total steals and all the Moleskines you could ever need — and the other stores that didn’t make the top three. Don’t make us get on our soapbox, OK? Go. Shop. Read. Repeat.


best entertainment shop (music, movies, games, hobbies, etc.)

Meyer Hawthorne (above) and Matisyahu have both done in-stores at CD World

1. CD World 3215 W. 11th Ave., Suite B. 683-6902.

2. CD/Game Exchange 30 E. 11th Ave. 302-3045.

3. House of Records 258 E. 13th Ave. 342-7975.

CD World is a safe harbor for the hip out on West 11th. With an unbelievable stock of CDs for sale — and vinyl (even new stuff!) — it’s unlikely any shopper will go wanting meandering through the rows and rows of music from Abba to Zappa. In-store performances are regular events and the staff knows more than a thing or two about music, including where to find it in their giant store.


best boutique/clothing store

1. Deluxe 1331 Willamette St. 686-0205.

2. Sweet Potato Pie 20 E. 11th Ave. 344-8810.

3. ReDoux Parlour 780 Blair Blvd. 342-1942.

Featuring an eclectic assortment of used and locally designed clothing, Deluxe is Eugene’s go-to shop for postmodern fashion. It’s also a great place if you’re looking for costume pieces. Along with clothing, the boutique sells jewelry and shoes, both vintage and modern in style. Together, Deluxe and its sister store, Kitsch, carry the designs of between 50 and 75 local artists ­—and they’re always looking for more. Or if you’re simply interested in selling some of your old clothes, both stores are always looking for opportunities to swap store credit for your trendy apparel. 


best pet-related business

1. The Healthy Pet 2777 Friendly St. 343-3411.

2. Mini Pet Mart 974 W. 6th Ave., 344-9603; 2636 Willamette St., 345-3399; 2775 River Rd., 688-8619; 1999 Main St., Springfield, 744-0665.

3. Suds ‘Em Yourself 192 W. 11th Ave. 484-2239.

Does your cat need a little Tinkle Tonic to keep her peeing in her litter box and not on your bed? Does Fido need a little Rescue Remedy for those high-stress dog days? Luckily, Eugene has The Healthy Pet for all your natural and holistic pet health needs! And while you’re there, you can pick up dog treats, cat food or anything else you might need for your happy hounds and feline friends.


best downtown business

1. The Kiva 125 W. 11th Ave. 342-8666.

2. Sweet Potato Pie 20 E. 11th Ave. 344-8810.

3. Passionflower Design 128 E. Broadway 344-3857.


best personal indulgence provider (spa, massage, salon, etc.)

1. Gervais Salon & Day Spa 248 E. 5th Ave. 345-1312; 301 W. 5th Ave. 334-6533.

2. Pearl Day Spa & Hydrotherapy Clinic 1375 Pearl St. 683-3377.

3. Bello Day Spa 2746 Shadow View Dr. 345-0551.


best new business

1. David Minor Theater 180 E. 5th Ave. 762-1700.

2. Bio-Taxi 747-BLUE.

3. Kitsch 1016 Willamette St. 342-8647.

After just one year, the David Minor Theater has established itself as a cultural landmark, though founder/co-owner Josh Goldfarb insists the place is very much a work in progress. The idea, he says, seemed simple: one big movie house that served booze. “I had always wanted to go to such a theater here in Eugene,” Goldfarb explains, “ever since I was old enough, or not old enough, to be sneaking beer into movies.” Little did he know. In the months following the grand opening, Goldfarb expanded the David Minor into two distinct theaters — a more mainstream theater seating 50 people, along with a smaller “living room” that holds just over a dozen — along with adding food from Cornucopia and Café Lucky Noodle to the menu. The “comfy” seats, however, have proven more important to moviegoers than any other offering. “I had no idea going into it,” Goldfarb says. But what gives the David Minor staying power, he adds, is the distinctly non-movieplex appeal of getting a combined dinner and film for somewhere around 30 bucks — just the right price, he says, “for people who are trying to impress the lady on a budget.”




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