Eugene Weekly : Best of Eugene : 2011-2012

Best of Eugene 2010-2011: Civics


Best Local Activist

1. Frog

2. Peter DeFazio

3. Kitty Piercy

We salute Frog as an activist and, perhaps more appropriately, as an icon of free speech in Eugene.


Best Local Politician

photo by todd cooper

1. Peter DeFazio

2. Kitty Piercy

3. Rob Handy

Of course Lane County loves Rep. Peter DeFazio. He is known to quote Lord of the Rings when making political analogies, and he drives around Springfield in his Dodge Dart with his dogs lolling out the windows on his way to chat constituents up while shopping at Bi-Mart. What more could you ask for? Well, politically he’s not bad either. The longtime congressman gets hot under the collar on the House floor about anything that affects Oregonians from Occupy Wall Street to trade and transportation issues. EW’s only complaint? We kind of miss the ‘stache.


Best Local Uproar

1. EmX

2. Civic Stadium

3. Anti-Ducks Football 

It’s one of the best busters of Eugene’s “liberal haven” myth — the genesis of a Eugene rapid-transit system is one of the most loudly protested and least understood controversies in the area, with hyperbolic threats of failed businesses souring public opinion. Come on, who doesn’t love a friendly dragon?


photo by trask bedortha

Person of the Year

1. Kitty Piercy 

2. Chip Kelly

3. Jacqui Willey

Mayor Kitty Piercy is a survivor, both politically and as one of Eugene’s favorite people, but this vote was close with football coach Chip Kelly and Jacqui Willey (Glenwood Restaurants) not far behind. Piercy has helped put Eugene on the map for work on sustainability, and downtown’s long-awaited revival is happening on her watch. She’s running for her third term and is already racking up endorsements from prominent people like Gov. John Kitzhaber. Will she have a serious opponent in the May primary? No one has filed yet.


Best Nonprofit

photo by todd cooper

1. Food for Lane County

2. Greenhill Humane Society

3. Planned Parenthood

If there’s one category where everyone’s a winner, it’s the list of Lane County’s nonprofits. FOOD for Lane County wins this category perennially, probably because we empathize with their work in our hearts and our bellies. While FFLC keeps thinking up new ways — produce stands, gardens, accepting extra home garden produce — to keep the organization giving, we hope Eugeneans who voted for FFLC can do the same.











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