Eugene Weekly : Comedy : 4.21.11


Im Still High?
By Andy Valentine

Wading through a sea of shitty comedians is a drag these days. Just flipping to the “Comedy Central Presents” marathon ã which seems to fill at least one days worth of airtime per week ã doesnt cut it anymore, so its always exciting when someone actually worth listening to pops up.

Enter Doug Benson, star of the parody Super High Me, sixth-place finalist on “Last Comic Standing” and all-around funny man. His style maintains elements of that generic stand-up presence and obvious joke-filler, while remaining in league with the irreverent greats of the past. His routines range from that “whats up with airports?” type shit to witty and endless riffing on the possibility of a guy wanting to jack off to High Times magazine. Its this versatility and ability to keep you guessing that makes him engaging.

Marijuana has become something of a calling card for Benson, so theres little chance of escape for those of us with supple, virgin ears. But thats what stand-up is all about: laughing at shit you never thought could be funny. When asked by EW last week if he wants to be known as anything besides the pot jokester, Benson said, “Id settle for funny comic.” On the other hand, he currently hosts a podcast discussion of movies that usually breaks down into wacky hijinks by the time its run its course. So theres something for everyone with Doug Benson ã even the completely unrealistic dude who goes through life trying to avoid all mention and/or use of drugs could have a good time.

So whatever your tastes, theres bound to be at least one joke worth chuckling at when Benson hits town. Who knows, maybe Doug will be so fried from 4/20 that hell just lie on stage and sleep? Its all a mystery waiting to be solved.

Doug Benson performs at 7:30 pm Thursday, April 21, at WOW Hall; $20 adv., $23 door.




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