Eugene Weekly : Comedy : 6.7.07

Stanhope for President
From Girls Gone Wild to political activist

Comedian Doug Stanhope has never shied away from controversy. His material draws on topics like medicinal marijuana, priest molestation and abortion. If you can get past the initial shock of his casual use of derogatory terms and a resumé that would make any frat boy proud, you’ll find an unexpected brand of humor full of social criticism and political commentary.

Stanhope started his career in Las Vegas and got his break in 1995 at the Vail Comedy Festival and the San Francisco Comedy Competition. The former landed him an agent, manager and small development deal; the latter earned Stanhope $10 grand and allowed him to move to Los Angeles, where he has been for the past 10 years.

Since then, he has built a wide-ranging television resumé: He hosted The Man Show and Girls Gone Wild; has appeared on The Howard Stern Show, Comedy Central Presents and Premium Blend; and produced and starred in Fox’s Invasion of the Hidden Cameras.

Actively involved in promoting himself for president — his MySpace page urges people to vote for him under the 2008 Libertarian Party — Stanhope wants to move past his Man Show and Girls Gone Wild days. He calls the work he did for GGW a life-herpes on his resumé. “The Girls Gone Wild was sort of a goof,” Stanhope says. “I met with a guy that worked for GGW that had the grand idea of having me on the show as a host for a week. It was one of the most uncomfortable meetings I ever endured. But I ended up doing it and it still haunts me.”

These days, he is focusing more on his standup career. He has tour dates around the country from June to October and a Showtime special, No Refunds, coming out in August. Despite his notoriety, he still enjoys the simple things in life. “I have no longing for fame. As long as I have beer and cigarettes, I don’t need much money,” Stanhope says. “My project is to try to entertain myself, and to try to top the stories I already have.”

Doug Stanhope and the Unbookables. 8 pm Sunday, June 10. Diablo’s Downtown Lounge. $10 adv./$15 door. 21+ event.