Eugene Weekly : Cover Story : 8.26.2010


Eugene Celebration 2010

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Local, National, International Film mania, plus zombies, at the EC Film Fest

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Regress, Relax, Unwind Health and Wellness Celebration

Speedy Celebration For runners, the parade happens in the afterglow

Undeath Will Not Them Part The Celebration gets its first zombie wedding


Local, National, International
Film mania, plus zombies, at the EC Film Fest
by Suzi Steffen

From local moviemaker Henry Weintraub and his feature film The Darkest Corner of Paradise to the classic horror film King Kong vs. Godzilla, this year’s Celebration Film Festival mixes horror, zombies, film shorts, national flicks, international info and more.

In a new spot — the Studio at the Hult Center, conveniently right next door to the Mayor’s Art Show! — the Film Fest starts at 6 pm Friday night with Kong and continues with a variety of films on Saturday, including the 3:30 showing of Eugene International  Film Festival’s collection of animated and live action shorts (“great family fun,” the press release says); a 5:30 pm showing of more than 10 years of local filmmaker Josie Basford’s short films and the 7 pm showing of Weintraub’s Darkest Corner of Paradise, about which our reviewer said, “It’s a self-assured change of pace.”

On Sunday at 3 pm, there’s The Treasures of Long Gone John. Art collector and indie music producer Long Gone John produced more than 750 bands while collecting a ton of artwork, and the film celebrates and investigates four of the artists  in his collection. Check out Juxtapoz magazine ( for a preview of his gazillion-artist community and the Lowbrow art movement (the filmmakers call Juxtapoz the movement’s “bible”). 

Finally, the recurring zombie theme of the celebration continues with a 4:45 pm Zombie Mash, in which four short zombie movies show just what fun the brain-eating undead can have in Eugene. For more info, check out the Celebration website at