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Eugene Weekly 25th Anniversary Issue

What are We Doing Here?
An introspective look at our unique publication

Starting the Paper
Silver linings in cloudy times

Thanks for the Memories

Getting Readers Excited
Your editor reflects on nearly a decade of reader response

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And time goes on, and on, and…
Eugene Weekly Timeline



Thanks for the Memories

Special thanks to the generosity of Dave and Vicki Clouse, who rented their studio cottage to be our first office on West 20th Avenue, and whose beautiful raised-bed garden made our time there lovely. Our typesetters Connie and Karimu Kudura were invaluable partners for many years. Before the very first paper, Linda Dugan taught us how to use a light table and do layout, and Palmer Parker let us use his computer to write the calendar, which was the front page. And big thanks to our kids, who had to sacrifice when we weren’t making any money.

Muchas gracias to all the early advertisers, mostly very small businesses run by people like us, who believed in what we were doing and told others that our ads really helped their businesses grow. Even the smallest of the small classified advertisers were able to get the word out about their work, products and services. And the calendar, which was free, was a lifesaver to local musicians, performers, artists, writers, event planners and non-profit groups.

Heartfelt thanks to the Keystone Café tuna melts and chili every Wednesday (paper layout day) and Stephanie Pearl at the Excelsior, who hosted some great sales meetings, with Lance Sparks‘ able assistance. Thanks also to Ibrahim Hamide of Casablanca, Paul Nicholson of Paul’s Bikes, Alpine Import, The Kiva, Sy’s Pizza, Dr. Tom Kopriva DDS and all the other advertisers who stuck with us from the start.

Thanks to all the unemployed artists, writers, actors, dancers, activists and politicos who wrote,

proofed, did layout, sold ads, distributed the paper and brought us ice cream (you know who you are). A few names from the early days include Deb McGee, Garde Welles, Sheri Longbardo, Sue Brokaw, David Koteen, Cary Groner, Martha Wagoner, Kate Garnhart, Shelly Singer, Tim Volem, Larry Deckman, Jim Carpenter, Robert Wolfe, Alan Siporin, Rich Glauber, Jack Craig, and the Production Company (Steven, Wanda, Vicki), Ken Hoff and John Bauguess.

Special places in our hearts for: Jim Stiak, who died in 1995, our beloved friend and a stunningly good writer whose wit, clarity, warmth and sexy charm will always be missed. Jim provided our first hard-hitting environmental reporting and helped turn the paper into a newspaper. David Johnson, who died in February 2006, was our first real writer. He became a close family friend we miss dearly. We couldn’t believe our luck when we realized who Dave was and what he brought to the paper — a wealth of alternative news experience colored by his deep Oregon roots and poetic sensibilities. And Stephen Hancock, who died in April 2006, was an old friend, ex-lover of three of us women and the father of one of our children. Stephen reappeared one day long before desktop publishing was commonplace. He settled down in the backyard with a six-pack and taught himself how to run our newly acquired Apple II-E. A unique soul, Stephen is truly loved and missed.

Readers: We’d be nowhere if not for you. Maybe by now you’ve forgiven us for changing the name of the paper from What’s Happening to Eugene Weekly. Hope so. Thanks for your loyalty over the decades. And do show up for the 25th Anniversary party Oct. 25 to celebrate!



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