Eugene Weekly : Coverstory : 10.1.2009

Shawn Bird

Dress A Duck
Winners Announced

Nadia Gahagan Ellis
Michael Alferes
Siri Alexander
Sofie Crandall
Keith Glass
T.C. Combs
Luke Labelle
Merideth Ferrell
Harper Johnson
Emma Labelle

What the UO Ducks are wearing on the football field is all the rage these days, adding to the hype that surrounds a sports team that gets more far more media attention than UO academics. Even The New York Times is talking about the retro uniforms the Ducks donned for the big game last Saturday. 

So what should our home football team look like? Thinking the snazzy new high-tech designs didn’t really represent our fine community, we held a contest that began Sept. 3. 

Some 30 entries from little kids, teenagers and adults gave us Grateful Ducks, tie-dyed and feathered Ducks, glittered Ducks and Ducks with Birkenstocks, pirate Ducks, and Ducks with raindrops and rubber duckies. No Ducks with boxing gloves, but we did get a Duck in an orange prison jumpsuit.

Here are the winners, as judged by our award-winning art department. First prize is a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant. Second and third prizes are Bijou tickets. Thanks to all who participated.

First prize goes to  Shawn Bird. Second and third prizes go to Keith Glass and Michael Alferes. – Ted Taylor



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